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40 Years Ago

North Platte, Nebraska

November 12, 2022

Friedman's "Free To Chose" remains essential watching 40 (actually 42) years after it aired.

It is sad to know that the situation with school has only gotten worse. I appreciate what Friedman proposes but I think it is a simplistic approach. The problem is much deeper as the panelists point out.

I are behind -- way behind -- having the best school system in the world. We should aim to close the gap between public schools and private schools. Make being a public school teacher a career that that pays well and is thought of with respect. Have more teachers so class sizes are smaller.

I'm glad my kids are past this phase. But I do worry about the issue for the future of our country. Colleges are now athletic factories. We don't have enough kids involved in STEM. The list goes on.

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Nov 15, 2022

I respectfully suggest that our poor schools have nothing to do with teacher pay or class size, and you touch on it with "respect". Our schools are terrible because we do not enforce discipline in the classrooms. The lack if discipline causes the good teachers to leave; it is that simple. That is also why private schools are better than public -- you can kick a disruptive kid out of a private school, but no one wants to kick one out of a public school. With this new "redistributive justice" system in schools, there is absolutely no punishment....

Nov 15, 2022
Replying to

Good point. As parents get more involved with their kids’ educations, perhaps there can be a renewed “compact” between teachers and parents regarding disciplining students. Yeah, well, I can dream. Do you think the discipline issue is specific to inner city, lower income area schools?

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