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Purcellville, Virginia

August 12, 2020

Until recently, if you had mentioned the year 1967 to me, my only response would have been “Yaz and the Red Sox.” The year of the Impossible Dream when the Bosox won the AL Pennant and lost in seven games to the Cardinals in the World Series.

Here are the AL stand sings on this sauté in 1967.

I now add an incredible year for R&B music to my highlights of 1967. As I digitize Tom’s amazing record collection, I key in the artist, the album title, the song titles, the record company and album number and finally the year the record was issued. I’ve been keying in a lot of “1967.” If I have my history right, this year was one of the last before soul music started to move into social commentary. In 1967, the songs were still happy and about romance and such nonsense. 😁

Here are the Top 100 R&B songs from this week in 1967. I bet you recognize most of them. If you click on this link, you can go to a site that has a link to play each song. Technology is great!

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