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Phoenix, Arizona

February 19, 2020

My grest friend Tom Priscilla suggested I prepare a quick summary of my trip so far before diving into Chapter 2. I’ll use a Q&A format.

Q. Where have you been the past month?

A. I flew back East to house/dog sit for my friends Leslie and Jeff In Charlottesville. I flew back to Phoenix yesterday and today got my truck and stuff out of storage. I was pleased the truck started easily after sitting for a month!

Q. How many Paris’ have you been to so far?

A. Nine - VA, KY, OH, TN (2), SC, AR, MS, and TX.

Q. How many states have you been in?

A. The above, plus WV, AL, FL, LA, NM and AZ. I just missed OK.

Q. Highlights?

A. The duck walk at the Peabody was pretty cool. The sunsets. Having a blast each day. Coming out of my shell. The West. Reading.

Q. Low points?

A. Honestly, none. I love the new experiences and that I am responsible for my joy.

Q. How many miles have you driven?

A. Almost 13,000.

Q. How much weight have you gained?

A. I lost about 10 pounds but then the Girl Scouts were selling Thin Mints In Charlottesville. 🤪

Q. Favorite meal?

A. Slices of deli turkey and red seedless grapes.

Q. Are you still drinking Dr Pepper?

A. I drink a lot of water most days. But yes - hopefully only one DP per day.

Q. How much do you miss working?

A. I don‘t. Not for a nanosecond.

Q. Do you miss Charlottesville?

A. I’m too busy to miss much. But I do miss my Charlottesville family (aka my friends).

Q. Biggest surprise?

A. That I have so much to say and share in my blog. My brother in law Ken told me just to write and that was great advice. It feels good to translate my thoughts and feelings into the written word - sometimes I am better at it than other times.

Q. Have you found some answers?

A. A few. And a few more questions.

Q. Three words to describe your trip do far?

A. Peaceful, Fulfilling. Metamorphosis.

Q. Favorite place?

A. The national seashore at Pensacola Beach was pretty special.

Q. Do you work out?

A. Kinda, sorta. Stretching is key. Been hard to work out when it has been cold (and windy)

Q. Any other things that you did not expect?

A. State parks are awesome. Getting dark at 5 pm. No room at the inn at Big Bend in Christmas Eve.

Q. What’s next?

A. I’m psyched about driving around the West. Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon. Hopefully I can fit them all in during 2021! There is a Paris in Idaho and one in Oregon, a Pertus in California and a town formerly known as Paris in California.

Q. How is Buddy?

A. Worn out. I got a new one for this year.

Q. Any last words?

A. Grateful, curious, sharing, kindness, don’t assume, live mindfully and wholeheartedly,, embrace the unknown, don’t get comfortable, anchors up and jump right in! Oh, at don’t compare!

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Feb 20, 2020

awesome. thanks for the update.

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