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I’ve been thinking a lot about Ziploc bags recently.  They are very important to me.  On this trip, I’d be a complete mess if I didn’t use Ziploc bags. I use them to pack everything - toiletries, cables, batteries, clothes, camping gear,  golf balls, golf tees and ball markers, ties, notecards, pens, stamps, camera lens covers, coins, plastic utensils, I also use them for food - snacks, oatmeal, Kind bars, sandwiches. Who knew you could store food in them!? 🤪

My favorite ones on the freezer type. They seem to hold up better.  The quart size is the one I use the most, but I’m also fond of the two and half gallon size made by Hefty  I use those larger ones mostly for clothes, hats and to keep track of my gloves and gaiters.  Also socks and U trou.  They are a great way to keep shirts from getting wrinkled in my duffle bags.

I do wish Ziploc would make the freezer bags with a slider top.

Factoid:  We Americans use on average 175 Ziploc bags per year.  I’m pretty sure I’m over that number. How about you?

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Jan 02, 2020

Ziploc bags, and other resealable bags, are an essential organizational and storage tool for those spending considerable time on the road in RV’s. Plastic totes of various sizes compliment resealable bags and often serve as containers for dozens of filled Ziploc bags. It is difficult to imagine 21st century life on the road without Ziploc bags and other plastic storage containers.

Now try to imagine life without plastic. People 100 years ago, and before, lived without Ziploc bags and plastic and the landfills where all the plastic goes when we discard it.

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