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I’ve been thinking a lot about Ziploc bags recently.  They are very important to me.  On this trip, I’d be a complete mess if I didn’t use Ziploc bags. I use them to pack everything - toiletries, cables, batteries, clothes, camping gear,  golf balls, golf tees and ball markers, ties, notecards, pens, stamps, camera lens covers, coins, plastic utensils, I also use them for food - snacks, oatmeal, Kind bars, sandwiches. Who knew you could store food in them!? 🤪

My favorite ones on the freezer type. They seem to hold up better.  The quart size is the one I use the most, but I’m also fond of the two and half gallon size made by Hefty  I use those larger ones mostly for clothes, hats and to keep track of my gloves and gaiters.  Also socks and U trou.  They are a great way to keep shirts from getting wrinkled in my duffle bags.

I do wish Ziploc would make the freezer bags with a slider top.

Factoid:  We Americans use on average 175 Ziploc bags per year.  I’m pretty sure I’m over that number. How about you?

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