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Alliance, Nebraska

November 25, 2022

Leave it to a dog to make an expression that exactly captures my feelings.

Having survived my first full blown panic attack in several years, I set out this morning to find an auto repair shop to which I will give the equivalent amount of two months" hotelstays -- probably more. I need an alignment (my truck does, too), two new tires (see need for an alignment), an oil change and a search & repeair mission for my leaking power steering fluid hose.

But no one wants my money. Because every business with an alignment machine is closed today. As are the "Jiffy Lubes" of this town. Is this a Midwest thing??

I think it's a sign. Of what, I'm still trying to figure out. Until I do, mindfulness meditating.

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Nov 25, 2022

well, forrest made it around by walking. but then you'd need to find an open store for the smiley face t-shirt.

Nov 25, 2022
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