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A Collection of Random Photos Taken June 25 Through June 29

Bend, Oregon

July 1, 2021

Downloaded these photos from my Nikon D500 today. Without access to fast wifi, it is hard to integrate my photos and post them on my blog. I am sitting in the Bend Library right now -- both for access to air conditioning and fast wifi.

I drove north of Bend this morning and was hit by "everywheresville." Target, Ultra, Dick's, Men's Warehouse, Hobby Lobby, Kohl's. Interesting how they are located outside of Bend -- I wonder if it is Bend's attempt to maintain a bit of its uniqueness?

To the photos:

I took the above photo on the way to Paris, Oregon.

Sign near the end of my drive through the national forest to Paris. My thought? "No kidding!"

Flowers in Paris, Oregon.

Various barn photographs from Deadwood to Dexter.

Near Sweet Home.

A hipshot to capture the starting wage in Sweet Home, Oregon.

On Route 20 on my way to Big Lake campground.

Mt. Washington. The one in Oregon, not New Hampshire.

On Route 97 between Redmond and Madras.

I now know these are the The Sisters. There is mountain east of Bend that us called "Mt. Bachelor" since it stands alone and removed from the Three Sisters.

Mt. Hood from Madras. Seventy miles away. Wow!

Barns on I believe State Route 126 from Sisters to Redmond.

I love this building.

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are these areas in the part of Oregon that wants to join Idaho? i read an article about this the other week. seems fairly rural.


Bend is considered Central Oregon. Eastern Oregon is more desert like — not desert like the Sahara but like little rain, not many trees snd flat. Your question motivated me to look up the population of Oregon; it is 4 million. Portland’s population is 2.1 million; Salem’s (the capital) is 200,000) and Bend’s is 100,000). So that means you have 1.6 million people spread over an area that is roughly 100,000 square miles. That’s sparse. Now that I have written all that, here’s a map I found about the movement:

My comments still hold; all of my photos are from “what little would be left of Oregon.”

I saw carve ‘em up. Let’s get down to the county level. If a coun…

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