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A Conservative Perspective - Trump Supporters Make Their Case For His Re-Election

Priscillaville, Virginia

August 8, 2020

What word would I use to best describe this podcast? Perhaps enlightening with a dose of “really?”

Three conservatives discuss the case for re-electing the Trumpster. Don’t be confused that this is a NYT podcast - there is nothing “left” about this conversation. The moderator is Ross Douthat, a conservative political commentator.

Listen to Trump Supporters Make Their Case for 2020 from The Argument on Apple Podcasts.

Here is the preview of the episode:

What do Trump supporters talk about when they talk about 2020? This week Ross hosts a special intra-right debate over whether conservatives should support Trump in 2020. He plays “moderate squish” (i.e., NeverTrumper) to Pro-Trump conservatives Dan McCarthy, the editor of Modern Age, and Helen Andrews, a senior editor of The American Conservative. They disagree with Ross about the president’s handling of the coronavirus and argue against his ultimate question for Republicans in 2020: Should conservatives actually hope for a Trump loss in November?

Suggested background reading:

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