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A Fellow Wahoo

Vernal, Utah

December 7, 2022

What would you call Mark Stanford's story? A tragedy? Self- inflicted wounds?

From South Carolina and a graduate of Darden. Two of his sons graduated from UVa. A few things in common.

I can imagine reactions across the spectrum to this interview. Obviously not a supporter of Mister Trump, but a man who seems to live in accordance with his values. He made one of the most glaring public screw ups in my lifetime and paid dearly for that. (He was not living his values in that case obviously!).

What struck me about this interview is how centered he is. His faith is clearly central to who he is. He didn't play the games necessary to stay in Congress -- I admire that. (Could be because he is wealthy and didn't need the job.). He knows what he stands for and makes no apologies for that.

I also admire that he's dusted himself off and still puts himself out there. That takes courage -- and a healthy dose of faith.

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