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"All Right, Everybody Upstairs, Get Dressed. We Are Going Out To Eat."

La Grange, Texas

December 15, 2019

I LOVE this movie. Yes, I have a mind that let's me watch it over and over and still be surprised and smile and laugh. I may not be able to watch it for 24 hours this Christmas, but I shirley will find a place on Christmas Day to sit and watch it.

I wish this Christmas that each of you receive your own official Red Ryder carbine action 200-shot range model air rifle.

Let's start this quiz off with an easy question.

1. What is the name of the restaurant where the family goes for Christmas dinner?

A. Chop Suey Place

B. Peking Duck Inn

C. Chop Suey Palace

D. Turkey Dun Gone

2. What is Ralphie’s last name?

A. Parker

B. Barker

C. Smith

D. Ryder

3. What’s the name of Ralphie’s school?

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. Warren Harding

C. Warren G. Harding

D. Abraham Lincoln

4. What’s the name of the street where Ralphie lives?

A. Cleveland

B. Maple

C. Elm

D. None of the above

5. What’s the name of the city where Ralphie lives?

A. Cleveland

B. Chicago

C. Terra Haute

D. Higbee

6. What causes Ralphie to go blind?

A. Ivory soap

B. Lifeboy soap

C. Meatloaf

D. His BB gun

7. Who lives next door to Ralphie?

A. Flick

B. Scut

C. The Bumpass’

D. We never are told

8. What is the significance of “nutafinga?”


9. What does Ralphie’s dad initially think his prize might be?

A. $50,000

B. $25,000

C. A bowling alley

D. 10 cases of beer

10. Why can’t Randy put his arms down?

A. He has on too many clothes

B. He can

C. Ralphie taped them to a wall

D. Scut Farkus broke them

11. What is the Lone Ranger’s nephew’s horse’s name?

A. Vince

B. Victor

C. Michael

D. Tonto

12. Who did the Sox trade?

A. Shottenhoffer

B. Bullfrog

C. Four-eyes Fred

D. No one

13. How old is Ralphie?

A. 8

B. 9

C. 10

D. 7

14. How many times is Ralphie warned that he’ll shoot is eye out?

A. Ten

B. About 20

C. About 30

D. 14

15. What does Ralphie warn Black Bart that he’ll be pushing up?

A. Petunias

B. Daisies

C. Dirt

D. Snow

16. What kind of car does Ralphie’s dad drive?

A. Ford

B. Buick

C. Oldsmobile

D. Dodge

17. What is the name of the girl in Ralphie’s class that the teacher calls on?

A. Norma Rae

B. Esther Jane

C. Mary Jane

D. None of the above

18. What term does the narrator use to refer to Scut Farkus’ sidekick?

A. Toadie

B. Jerk

C. Small guy

D. None of the above

19. What is the real name of the narrator of the movie?

A. Jean Sheppard

B. Darren McGavin

C. Peter Billingsley

D. Bob Clark

20. What’s Ralphie’s punishment for beating up Scut Farkus?

A. He has to go to his room

B. Soap in his mouth

C. He has to clean out the furnace

D. None of the above

21. In what city does Ralphie live?

A. Hohman

B. Hohoman

C. Gary

D. Chicago

E. Griffith

22. In what other Christmas classic does Peter Billingsley have a role?


23. The narrator of the movie has a cameo appearance in the movie; who is he in the movie?


24. What language does Ralphie's dad think that FRAGILE is written in?

A. Italian

B. Italian

C. Italian

D. All of the above

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