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And What Did You See?

Updated: Mar 21

Arizona- New Mexico Border Heading East

Interstate 10

February 23, 2023

1115 AM MT

This morning I've been wondering if someone were riding with me and I asked them what they saw this morning as we drove on I10 from Bendon to here, what they would describe. (Two things -- yes, I am driving an interstate -- I've already driven all through Arizona and I'm in a hurry and don't know why. And second, yes this is recurring thought as to what someone else would say they saw.)

What I saw was some spectacular topography. Rocky formations/mountains jutting up from the very flat deswry (semi-arid region?). Cool I could see snow on some the peaks -- surprising given I thought I was in southern Arizona! (I am.). Speed limit of 75 mph and cars and trucks flying by me as I drive 65 mph to conserve fuel (doing my part). Not much population out here -- saw my share of pecan tree farms as I got close to New Mexico. I saw a couple of quite long Union Pacific trains loaded down with those "intermodal carriers." Stopped to take a photo of one of them and the engineer honked his horn. 😁

Back to the topography -- vastness. According to my weather app ,one of them), the visibility is 18 miles. More like 180 miles! Photos can't do the vastness justice.

I took some photos through an open window while driving. I also stopped to take photos -- don't worry I pulled well off the shoulder or pull into an exit.

I guess that's it. This morning put a deposit into my soul.

One more thing. When I was in Gila Bend I took a photo of the welcome to Gila Bend sign with Buddy. A few minutes later I visited a gift shop and a gal said she saw me "taking a photo with your elf." I explained that instead of taking photos of me, I had taken photos of Buddy across the country. She laughed and walked away quickly. Kidding. She did laugh. I know it's weird but Buddy has brightened some people's days on this wanderabout and I think that is great.

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