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And What Did You See?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Arizona- New Mexico Border Heading East

Interstate 10

February 23, 2023

1115 AM MT

This morning I've been wondering if someone were riding with me and I asked them what they saw this morning as we drove on I10 from Bendon to here, what they would describe. (Two things -- yes, I am driving an interstate -- I've already driven all through Arizona and I'm in a hurry and don't know why. And second, yes this is recurring thought as to what someone else would say they saw.)

What I saw was some spectacular topography. Rocky formations/mountains jutting up from the very flat deswry (semi-arid region?). Cool I could see snow on some the peaks -- surprising given I thought I was in southern Arizona! (I am.). Speed limit of 75 mph and cars and trucks flying by me as I drive 65 mph to conserve fuel (doing my part). Not much population out here -- saw my share of pecan tree farms as I got close to New Mexico. I saw a couple of quite long Union Pacific trains loaded down with those "intermodal carriers." Stopped to take a photo of one of them and the engineer honked his horn. 😁

Back to the topography -- vastness. According to my weather app ,one of them), the visibility is 18 miles. More like 180 miles! Photos can't do the vastness justice.

I took some photos through an open window while driving. I also stopped to take photos -- don't worry I pulled well off the shoulder or pull into an exit.

I guess that's it. This morning put a deposit into my soul.

One more thing. When I was in Gila Bend I took a photo of the welcome to Gila Bend sign with Buddy. A few minutes later I visited a gift shop and a gal said she saw me "taking a photo with your elf." I explained that instead of taking photos of me, I had taken photos of Buddy across the country. She laughed and walked away quickly. Kidding. She did laugh. I know it's weird but Buddy has brightened some people's days on this wanderabout and I think that is great.

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Feb 24, 2023

It really does brighten your soul seeing the places and meeting the people!!! Maybe they ARE nicer because they are not all on top of one another, surrounded by filth and soulless people, but entranced by God's glorious creation!


Feb 24, 2023

In addition to the vastness of most of the country, i see a generous and welcoming spirit in the vast majority of people who have encountered. that gives some hope.

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