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Anna’s Dad, George Washington, Rice, The U.S. Amateur, And Degrees From Duke

Charlottesville, Virginia

June 29, 2020

How many fathers do you know who have a Wikipedia entry, are professors emeritus at a prestigious university, have their names in a NYT headline from the US Amateur and just had a letter published in the NYT. Plus are fathers of one of your good friends? And went to the same prep school as Jeff Harris? And who served on a ship named for Ron Wiltsie’s grandfather?

Dr. Ira Gruber is Anna Koester’s dad. Here’s his letter from the NYT yesterday.

As for Dr. Gruber’s US Amateur experience:

Oh, and Dr. Gruber’s Wikipedia entry:

Ira D. Gruber (born January 6, 1934) is an American author, bibliographer, and military historian of the American Revolution.

Personal life Ira D. Gruber was born January 6, 1934, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He attended Duke University and served in the United States Navy Reserve. From 1955-1957 he held the title of crypto security officer on the USS Wiltsie. [Yes, that is the Wiltsie as in Ron’s grandfather.]

Career Gruber became a professor at Duke after earning his Ph.D. in 1961. He later held the positions of fellow at the Institute of Early American History and Culture, assistant professor of history at Occidental College, and Harris Masterson, Jr. Professor -- and later (from 2009 on) Professor Emeritus -- of History at Rice University. During his long teaching career, Gruber published several works on the theme of American military history, specifically regarding the American Revolution. Books and the British Army in the Age of the American Revolution examines the books read by military officers during the revolution and how these books may have influenced their techniques and decisions. Another book, The Howe Brothers and the American Revolution, discusses the failure of the Howe Brothers to restore the British government in America.



One word summarizes my reaction — WOW!

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