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Another Conversation

I had another long conversation yesterday with a fellow who wasn’t Curt - I’m guessing that wasn’t his name but we never did introduce ourselves. It started with me commenting on the forest fire he was watching through his binoculars. We covered such “don’t go there topics” as race, climate change, the liberal press, Fox News, thinking for yourself, fatherless black families, fatherless white families, Jefferson, Trump, the people he knows who are members of militias, the Supreme Court, TJ’s view on the Constitution, people who think they are owed something, who are those people and have we ever talked to one, making assumptions., the extreme left, the extreme right, Mitt Romney. I could tell he’s voting for , and he could tell who I voted for. And at the end, we agreed that we both appreciated a civil conversation about tough topics. He made some dents in my intuitions, and I think I made some dents in his.

Lord help us if his militia buddies decide to take things into their hands.

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