August 2, 2021

Flying J Truck Stop

Salt Lake City

August 2, 2021

Today was a heck of a day — I might even call it a helluva day. A wonderful Paris, a tour of a Mormon tabernacle, learned of the link between Perris, CA and Paris, ID, drove a beautiful albeit overcast drive of US 89 from McCammon, Idaho to south of Logan, Utah.

However, the best part of my day was opening my Paris, Idaho envelope from my friends Nicole and Bruce. They have an uncanny ability to give me ”things” I tend to forget. Visiting the Paris’ certainly is a dream, and it has changed me (for the better) which is power. And it doesn’t get better than John Wooden on leadership. As I read this sheet I could identify how each point has and is continuing to help me.

Thanks, Nicole and Bruce. You made my day. 🤙

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