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Bad Company

Steamboat Lake State Park

October 5, 2020

One year ago today I started my walkabout. I could never have guessed how much I’d experience in this year, the deposits I have made to my soul and my personal growth. It’s been lonely at times, but I don’t think you can know loneliness unless you have terrific relationships. So thanks. 🤙

Jeff Harris is my motivation for my post’s title today. When he’s going to meet you some place, he is likely to say “Lou Rawls.” Get it? See you when I get there? So today I say “Bad Company” as in I can’t get enough .... of these aspens.

Enjoy the photos.

Orange aspe.

They don’t believe in paved parking lots. A very dusty place.

Stocked by the state.

This place has everything - post office, ice cream, short-order kitchen and supplies. Plus a separate wine section.

From Freshies in Steamboat. Quite delicious.

To be continued....

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