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Being Taken For A Local


July 4, 2021

I was at the river this afternoon to get in a walk and some photos. As I was snapping away, a fellow standing next to

me said, “I’ve lived here 40 years and never seen this many people on the river. And most aren’t using those orange rental tubes so they are local.” He added that the tourists drive him crazy — they think they own the town.

I smiled and nodded. He talked about how they control the water through the white water portion of the river and how is daughter who is a budding Olympic snowboarder uses the white water to augment her training in the summertime.

He never asked anything about me — which was fine because he might have felt embarrassed.

I am figuring I confused him with my long hair and 12 pack abs. Or something like that. 🤪

I did set a personal best on push-ups today — 35. On my way to 50 and then 100!

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