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Beresford (FKA, Paris), South Dakota

Wahoo, Nebraska

August 15, 2021

This makes 17 Paris’ I have wandered into so far.

Beresford (/ˈbɪərzfərd/; BEERZ-fərd) is a city in Lincoln and Union counties in t

South Dakota. The population was 2,005 as of the 2010 census. The southern two-thirds is part of the Sioux City, IA-NE-SD Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the northern one-third is part of the Sioux FallsMetropolitan Statistical Area. The Beresford Republic is the weekly newspaper.

Beresford was originally called Paris, and under the latter name was laid out in 1873.The city was renamed after Lord Charles Beresford and was formally incorporated on July 12, 1884.


Beresford is located very near to the center of the North American continent, far removed from any major bodies of water. This lends the area a humid continental climate, with hot, humid summers, cold snowy winters, and wide temperature extremes. Summers can bring daytime temperatures that climb into the 90s Fahrenheit, and winter lows can be well below zero.


Beresford High School is the only high school in the Beresford School District. The Beresford High School and Middle School are located on the South Campus of the Beresford School District, and the Beresford Elementary School is located at the North Campus, along with the Community Education Building, which houses the Beresford Pre-School Program.


The Beresford Library was originally conceived and nurtured by the Beresford Study Club. In 1923, a committee was appointed to come up with the necessary planning and arrangements. At first, the club members were the ones who contributed books to the library via a book shower, which resulted in forty volumes of reference works as well as fiction. Not long after this, the public was invited to donate books to the collection, and this effort produced another hundred books. The study club started up a fund for the library foundation, and through various fundraising efforts accrued $300 for the purchase of more books. In 1924, both the size and popularity of the library were too much for the women of the study club to sponsor, so they appealed to the city attorney to see if the city would take over responsibility, and at the December meeting of the library board meeting that same year, it was officially announced that the city would take over the library.[12]

The original library occupied a small area on the second floor of the fire station. As of 1959, there were approximately 10,000 volumes classified with the Dewey Decimal System. In 1963, with the help of the local Boy Scouts, the library moved to a new home in the former Post Office building. This was also the time when new forms of media were added to the collection, such as talking books, film strips, and movie projectors. In 1972, the library was expanded further by refurbishing the basement, which would house the youth library. By 1983, the library collection consisted of approximately 20,000 books and much media. The current library resides on 3rd Street, and was opened to the public in that venue in the fall of 1992. The library currently holds nearly 30,000 items.

Notable people

  • William J. Bulow - former South Dakota Governor and United States Senator

  • Mike Busch - former NFL player, football coach at Beresford High School

  • Robert Casey - decorated soldier, war correspondent and reporter

  • Vince Lloyd - former baseball broadcaster (Chicago Cubs)

  • Ernest Lundeen - former Minnesota senator

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