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Big Lake Campground

Big Lake Campground

June 27, 2021

I am glad I decided to spend the afternoon and night here. The air temperature is 105 degrees at 6 pm; the water temperature is 59 degrees. The lake is shallow — at this end you can walk across it, at the other end it’s 40 feet deep. Clear as can be. There is no stream feeding the lake; it completely depends on snow melt. The campground host told me the mosquitoes can be bad but that I am here at a good time as they tend to die off this time of year — plus today there is a breeze. But there are still some around . ☹️ Oh, forgot to mention the elevation here is approximately 5,000 feet. With my senior national parks pass I am paying $12 for tonight — half off. I need to remember to carry something other than $20s!

The scenery here is rather dramatic — I’m talking about nature. There are people displaying their beer bodies. 😮

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