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Boulder And The University Of Colorado

Folsom Field @ CU (photo from Internet)

Boulder, Colorado

December 11, 2020

From CU website:

It’s no surprise Boulder is ranked the No. 1 college town in America (American Institute for Economic Research, 2017).* On campus you’ll be able to grow your community, explore inventive thought and turn your ideas into reality. The local scene allows you to balance your studies with community. From the Rocky Mountains to our engaging downtown, Boulder offers something for everyone.

My take:

Granted I have been here less than two weeks, but I get the sense that Boulder embraces the University more than Charlottesville embraces UVa. I googled “CU student areas” expecting to find commercial areas “dedicated” to the students. While there is one area called “the Hill” that reminds me of the Corner, College Avenue at Clemson and Harvard Square ( but smaller than those three), the hits were on other places in Boulder - like Pearl Street. Like UVa, most students after freshman year live in the community. That’s 22,000 undergraduates. I found some rules that apply to off-campus housing. No couches outside (🤪) and in most cases no more than three people per rental unit.


  1. Charlottesville was number 11; Chapel Hill didn’t make the list which calls the whole thing into question.

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