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Brunswick To Freeport To Jefferson To Washington To Auburn


Auburn, Maine

April 14, 2022

A cold rainy day in Maine. Low 40s and a heavy mist. Very gray. A local told me it’s like this several days a week until summer starts. And that’s not until the middle of June. Hardy folks live up here.

Headed into Freeport today and took in all things LL Bean. Then a 75 minute drive to Jefferson, Maine which is located in Lincoln County. Washington, Maine was seven miles away so I went there — it’s in Knox County unfortunately. Then I drove another 90 minutes to Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Once I left Freeport there wasn’t much to see. Rural. Hamlets. No places to eat. More rural. More hamlets. I remember that when I was here in 2018 that Maine reminded me of South Carolina. Rather flat, sandy, pine trees. i agree with that assessment although I would add that Maine seems even more rural than South Carolina.

No revelations today.

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