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Can’t Believe I Didn’t Do This!

BOSTON (CBS) — Red Sox fans can’t sit atop the Green Monster for the 2020 season, so how about a cutout of themselves? The team is offering up that opportunity, and though it’ll cost a pretty penny, the proceeds go to a great cause.

Plus, fans will have the chance to win some pretty sweet prizes if a Red Sox home run happens to hit their cutout.

The Red Sox are giving fans the opportunity to see their likeness atop the Green Monster during the COVID-shortened 60-game season. Through the “Monster Home Run Challenge,” the team will place cutouts of fans in Monster seats. The 20×30-inch coroplast cutouts will be rearranged on the Green Monster and moved prior to each homestand.

Making the program even better for fans are the prizes up for grabs if their cutout is hit by a Red Sox home run. Those lucky fans will receive the ball autographed by whomever hits the homer, two Green Monster tickets for the 2021 season, a custom Red Sox home jersey with their name, and a video replay of the home run.

Fans will also receive their cutout at the conclusion of the program. That will make for a pretty cool souvenir, especially if it comes with a dent courtesy of a Red Sox home run.

A $500 donation to the Red Sox Foundation is required to join the fun, with the proceeds going to help COVID-19 relief in Massachusetts. If fans (or at least the cutout version of themselves) want to be part of the fun for the first half of the season — July 24 through Aug. 19 — they only have until Saturday at 5 p.m. to visit to join. Fans can also sign up for the second half of the season — Aug. 28 through Sept. 24 — at the moment.

LWF Note: It is Boston so it sold out. No news as to whether a Red Sox has hit one of the standees yet. While the images pixelate when you zoom in, it is worth doing so. There’s a dog, some former Red Sox — and surprisingly, not every standee is a white person. 🤪

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