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Canyonlands National Park

Moab, Utah

October 29, 2020

I’ll need to figure out how many national parks I have been to on my walkabout. It didn’t start out as a goal to visit them but they are sort of like a black hole - they distort the space-time continuum and suck you in.

I visited Canyonlands yesterday. It is about 30 miles outside of Moab.

Different experience than Arches. Not many people at all.  Can’t figure out why. I found the scenery to be more spectacular than Arches.  Funny how the sights at Arches are above ground and the ones at Csnyonlands - well they are canyons!

It was a beautiful day - high probably around 50 degrees and no clouds.  As I am writing this, I am killing time hoping that I can hold out for sunset at Grand View Point. That name is an understatement - it is an awesome view. I’ve spent the whole day here hiking.  I hope my photos are not repetitive  — funny how every different angle seems better than the last one. 🤪

I remember flying to my niece’s wedding in Mammoth Lakes, California in 2017.  I looked out of my window and saw vastness like this.  I said to myself that one day I would go visit places such places. And here I am.

What must the first white people have thought when they came across terrain like this?  I assume it reaffirmed their faith in their god.  I also wonder what they thought gave them the right to claim this land when they came across the Native Americans.  I guess history of replete with examples of groups of people thinking they are better than others.  Why is it so important to people to believe they are superior? To think that they are right and others are wrong?  I don’t think we are born that way.

Nice haze, eh?  It must have been awesome to be here in April when we were shut down, not creating this impairment and before the forest fires.

More photos from this visit later. Today (Thursday) I am on my way to Capitol Reef National Park.

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