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Carmel Beach, Friday Evening

Courtyard By Marriott At SFO

March 27, 2021

I was excited yesterday by the glorious sunny day we had on the Monterey Peninsula. I headed over to Carmel, about a 20 minute drive from my campground, to enjoy the late afternoon on the beach. Well, me and a whole lot of other people. Carmel was hopping and finding a parking space was difficult. Once I found a spot, I was a bit nervous about parallel parking with my bike on the back. But it was like I had parking assist on Hi Ho Silver.

I walked around the main drag, which is called Ocean Avenue I believe. So many art studios. And none of the works even come close to what WAC paints. But it made me sad and in spite of me reminding myself "between stimulus and response is our freedom to choose our response," I remained a bit melancholy. Life.

I did manage, I think, to get some fun shots. I hope you enjoy these,

The old me would have been tempted; I avoided this store (I did buy a hat at Vineyard Vines, because that's what guys do!).

Boz Scaggs. (Hint: what can I say)

Pretty cool.

And the celebration continues!

You say ka-mail-ya, I say ka-meal-ya.

Old milk.

Not a bench but you get the idea.

I think we have established that the beach is wide at Carmel.

My feeble attempt at artistic shots. Where did the kids go? I wish I had reduced the depth of field.

More fun shots of sand.

It's cool how these flowers open during the day and close up at night.

That's Pebble Beach. Where the greens fee is $575 per person and a looper will cost you an additional $95 plus tip. I learned that the Pacific Grove golf course is known as the "poor man's Pebble" because it has the same winds and will only cost you $50 per person; there are no caddies.

No sunset photos. There were no clouds to give the sunset some contrast and some color. I'm sure it was a pretty one but I was back at my campsite eating salmon with blueberries. Oh, it was good!

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