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Carmel-By-The-Sea (AKA, Carmel) Sunset

Seaside, California

March 13, 2021

On the drive back north along the PCH my brain was telling me that I was tired and I should head back to my campground. My heart was saying wouldn’t it be fun to walk around Carmel in the late afternoon. As usual, my heart won. And my brain is glad it did.

It was so Zen to be on the beach at Carmel in the evening. It is a wide beach and there lots of people strolling and dogs running around. It was an “attractive” crowd as you might expect. I hung out there for over 90 minutes, and with each passing minute I grew more relaxed.

If you think you see a golf course in a couple of the photos, you are correct Pebble Beach.

Somebody made somebody’s day with the rose pedals on the beach.

I was blessed again with a break in the clouds on the horizon. There is something beautiful about the sun going behind clouds but reappearing just as it begins to dip below the horizon.

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