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Cellular Service

May 28, 2021

I take it for granted that I will have cell service wherever I am. My first experience not having it on this trip was when I was in West Virginia where cell service is provided by a company I had never heard of.

It happened a few other times although I cannot remember where.

Knowing that there is no cell service at this campground, I got wise (at least I think so) and yesterday looked up Verizon’s coverage map (see above). Looks like I am in for spotty coverage all the way up the remainder of the left coast.

In a way I’m glad. It makes me appreciate how the cellular business came out of nowhere 30 years ago. Remember how we paid for minutes to make phone calls? And now it’s all about data. It’s rather remarkable how much capital Verizon, AT&T, Sprinit and others have invested in their networks - and the technology that private companies developed to make those networks work. And I take it for granted daily.

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