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Cincinnati to Carlyle Lake, Illinois

Carlyle Lake, Illinois

September 28, 2020

Day Three of the drive to Steamboat Springs. Not a whole lot to see along Route 50 in Indiana and Illinois. Fields of corn and soybeans broken up by areas of trees. I assume all these corn and soybean fields are going to be tiled over? Twenty five percent of the cornfields are brown and almost all of the soybean fields look past harvesting time.

While Ohio had a number of hamlets along Route 50, Indiana had large twins but not as many and Illinois was just empty. Indiana had some variety to the topography (hills, curves, etc.); southern Indiana is flat and the roads straight. Preparing me for Missouri, Kansas and eastern Colorado I supposed.

Stopped for the night at Lake Carlyle - the largest lake in Illinois. Big outdoor area with boaters, campers and picnickers. Lots of RVs in the campground.

I took some notes - what have I missed. Drove through downtown Cincinnati. Reminded me of downtown Denver but bigger. Tried to find the Great American Ballpark downtown but did not. I did not realize how close Cincinnati is to Indiana - like right there. In Ohio, Indiana and Illinois I’ve seen a lot of Christian churches but few of the “classic” Protestant or Catholic churches. I stopped at a Walmart in Indiana. Not many face masks being worn in spite of the signs warning that they were required. Lots of pro life and Trump signs in people’s front yards - along with a few Confederate flags. Those caught me off guard. Pro life but no face masks - interesting.

My goal for Day Four is to end up on the western side of Kansas City, Kansas.

And now to the photos:

My hotel in Cincinnati.

The Madeira neighborhood of Cincinnati. Where all the girls have something to say. 😁

Thanks to Coach Harris for telling me to check out Graetner’s. Breakfast of champions - a scoop of Buckeye Blitz and one of Cookie’s and Cream. Sugar rush at 930 on a Sunday morning. Hallelujah!

Folks in Ohio and Indiana clearly like ice cream. Lots of mom and pop stands.

Before today, I had never been to Nebraska. There want much to it. 🤪

Confirming I was on the right road.

Brown corn is not like brown eggs.

I got artsy.

Everyone is claiming Lincoln. Made me wonder who will claim Trump. 🤪

I thought I was in Virginia.

Carlyle Lake.

Dinner and bed. I need to do a better job with my tarp over the tent. It rained all night - it was a magical sound. A bit of water got in the tent but my bedding and clothes stayed dry. I’ll have to find the time to dry tarps but well worth the joy of sleeping in the tent.

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