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Climate Change Debate


September 7, 2022

This debate was held in August. The subject of the debate was the statement "Climate science compels us to make large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions."

I haven't had a chance to digest the arguments. It does seem that Mister Dessler got off track by talking about wind and solar -- which I'd argue was not germane to the topic which was climate change and whether it requires us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How we would reduce emissions is a separate topic.

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Sep 08, 2022

I am confused by your dismissal of the "solution" as not being germane to the issue of climate change. All of life is a set of trade-offs -- the assessment of different options to address our needs and wants. The CDC poo-poo'd, if not shamed into silence, those of us who said Ivermectin -- a drugs that has been around for nearly a half century, whose minor side effects are already known -- was not an effective treatment for COVID-19. Just this past week, the CDC quietly put on its website that Ivermectin is an effective therapeutic for treatment of COVID....

Meanwhile, we are finding out, on a daily basis, (1) how Pfizer and others lied to us about thei…


Sep 07, 2022

also interesting about the use of the term "renewable" energy. as with coal, oil, and gas, wind and solar is not renewed but used once.

Sep 07, 2022
Replying to

😀 “Non-fossil” sources? “Free-fuel” sources? “Above-ground” fuel sources? A question I have for Mister Koonin is what level of carbon emissions causes him concern? Also, what probability does he assign to him being wrong? I’m ruminating on the Koonin assumption that economic growth will be such that by the time we need to worry the investment will be a small percentage of GDP. That’s a popular argument of Bjorn Lomborg. “Past performance is no indication of future performance. Lots of big money flowing into cleaner technologies. What do they know that Koonin doesn’t? Mister Dessler may be smart but he was no match for Koonin in terms of debate technique. Have you read Koonin’s book? A decent read; he mocks the media which is understandable. There ar…

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