Coral Pink Sand State Park

Kanab, Utah

November 10, 2020

Coral Pink Sand State Park is located 19 miles northwest of Kanab. Smallish park, but it does have a number of camping options. To get to there you drive through a good bit of BLM land where there appeared to be quite a bit of dispersed camping options. Given the low tonight is forecast to be 12 degrees, I opted for my cheap hotel ($60) in town.

I have been to Bermuda and seen pink sand (which comes from crushed coral). The sand at the state park I found not to be pink as much as it was orange. Obviously I was fine with that. 🤪

The dunes were not as impressive as those at Great Sand Dunes National Park, but I thought the sand here was prettier.

Enjoy the photos - I took a few. 🤪. The white “stuff” is snow.


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