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Corollary To “Eye Hours”

Hidden Hills

February 13, 2023

My great friend Tom came up with the concept of "eye hours" while we were in college. (Tom also came up with many more terrific insights to life. He is a very wise soul.)

Tom believed that we each were allocated only so many "eye hours" per day for studying and once we used them up -- well, that was it for studying for that day.

I unfortunately tried to prove that I had more eye hours than I really did -- all that did was prove that I received the same benefit for more hours as someone else did for less hours -- known as the inverted parabola theory of eye hours.

I've come up with a related idea.

16,000 words per day??

I am sure that my "daily word budget" is far below 16,000 words. I bet I don't even hit 5,000 words on most days.

What is your daily word budgrt??

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1 Comment

Feb 13, 2023

I greatly admire your ability to take my somewhat crude observations to a credible mathematical foundation.

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