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Covering Climate Change

I believe that man's contribution to climate change is significant. I also believe that we should be taking steps NOW to address the issue because I further believe that unchecked climate change will have dramatic consequences for the United States. Those consequences include coastal flooding, hotter weather, more severe weather and a decline in our agricultural production.

I know not everyone agrees with me. And unfortunately the coverage of climate change tends to be sensational -- on both sides. I picked a NYT article to critique -- to document what I found wrong/sensational with the article. It's not a good article. The press must do a better job of covering this subject -- starting with staying with the facts and letting them speak for themselves.

Here are the article and my comments. I'll admit that my comments may be difficult for a newspaper that wants sizzle and punch. That's true to almost all newspapers -- I'm not singling out the Times. But climate change -- like economic policy - is a topic that requires facts to support opinions/conclusions.

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