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Craig, Colorado Commentary

Craig, Colorado

December 4, 2022

It is 1600 and I am parked in a Walmart parking lot. As they all are, this Walmart is busy. It appears to be a bit smaller than a super Walmart but had everything I need -- a $3.50 container of fresh pineapple.

Craig is about 45 miles from Steamboat; it took me 3.5 hours to get here. Lots of photo stops. Gray sky today; around 40 degrees. I was able to wash all the mud off of Hi Ho Silver for $4.50 at the Craig self-serve car wash.

Calling it a day. The next town is Dinosaur, approximately 90 minutes west on US 40. With a name like that, I want some daylight time to spend there.

I procured a six-pack of Shiner's Christmas beer in Hayden today. Questionable whether I will drink any but it adds a Christmas spirit to the truck. I scored a multi-color LED string of lights which I plan to decorate the inside of Hi Ho Silver with.

Wellies. I got a warning from the cool kids in Steamboat that they are what you wear these days -- with your pant legs inside the boot. Kidding. It wasn't the cool kids -- it was the cowboys.

Not surprised to see a handful of decked out MB Sprinter vans in Steamboat. I'm not sure where they park overnight. Perhaps the KOA campground? There were a number of fifth wheels parked there. Seasonal help? I still see a handful of fifth wheels being towed everyday. Hard to tell whether they are coming or going -- but they are all headed south.

I failed to explain the Grinch shop in Walden. It was staffed by two women from Tulsa who are on assignment for the owner of their company. The company does direct mailing and has facilities throughout the USA. The women told me that the owner has a second home in Walden and has adopted the town essentially. To help the community get in the Christmas spirit, he had these women buy everything Grinch and set up the store to be open this weekend and next. It is possible but I cannot confirm that I made a big dent in their inventory.

I asked the women if they had been to Chickasha to see the Leg Lamp -- they had not. Maybe when they return to Tulsa.

I think I mentioned previously that I had been to Steamboat previously on my wanderabout. I also recognized Hayden and Craig -- I drove to Craig and then turned south to go down the western side of the Rockies. I remember having the same thought back then -- could I live here? It is certainly a laid back lifestyle and everyone seems to be in a good mood. So....

Cool looking truck just pulled into the Walmart parking lot. Extreme Wireline Inc. is based on Utah and provides downhill services to the fracking industry.

I have tried not to duplicate many places on my wanderings. I'll make an exception for Colorado. This state has many gifts. As I passed through Hayden and spent some time in Craig, I realized there were places I had not taken photos of the first time. I can't be sure, but maybe in the past two years I have become more curious and observant, and less in a hurry. I'd like to think that is the case.

Enough rambling. It is now 1630 and the sun has set. It will be dark by 1700. Low tonight is forecasted to be 25 degrees. Looking forward to a good night's sleep. I'm listening to the audiobook about Mark Twain's travels around the world to raise money to pay off his debts. He seems to suffer a bit with carbunkles. Nasty things. He, his wife and one daughter are entertained everywhere they go -- I keep thinking I would find that exhausting.

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