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Dang, I Need A Rest!

I attempted not to write a post today but ....

How many towns do you know (my South Carolina friends cannot play this game!) that have “rest” in their name? South Carolina has TWO! I am typing this blog while sitting in Travelers Rest, SC right across from a downtown driving range and outside Farmhouse Tacos which has two kinds of awesome fish tacos. The driving range is maybe a driver and a 9 iron from the dead center of town; unless you are Clucian and then it’s a 6 iron.

On my way here from Tennessee I drove through Mountain Rest, SC - unfortunately I was so spent from driving that did not get a photo . ☹️

If you don’t believe me, here are two photos from Google Maps that show these towns.

I am informed that nearby there is a Caesars Head Mountain and a Tigerville (not to be confused with Clemson’s nickname of Tigertown.). Rains moving in, I need to go for a hike, I’ve got to pack up - is there time to visit these places?? The stress!


PS. I was crushing my 5 iron - my key is stay behind the ball.

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