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December 18, 2022 Morning


Fallon, Nevada

December 18, 2022

A decent night's sleep. Slept in Hi Ho Silver six straight nights -- when I started my wanderabout I did not envision sleeping on "Tim's rack" in subfreezing temperatures. Not as bad as you might expect. And while the mornings can be a jolt, it is an effective way to wake up quickly.

The forecast for the past two days has been for sunny skies; I haven't seen the sun yet. Nothing quite like gloomy skies with highs in the 20s to turn on my SAD. I suspect if you grow up with this type of weather you are used to it. Not moi.

This morning's game plan is to visit Bodie, CA (ghost town) and Mammoth Lakes (one of my favorite places) on my way to Bishop, CA. Hope to visit Owens Valley which plays an important role in the LA water supply on my way tomorrow to Death Valley -- both the national park and the lowest golf course in the country. Then to Lorraine, CA, #62.

Note to self: I have found a PBS documentary on the Oregon Trail to be an effective sleep aid. I think it is the melodic voice of the narrator.

I'm hoping the emissions control light are on only because I've been idling a lot -- literally and figuratively.

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