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December 3, 2022 Thoughts

Well, I fell short of making my destination today. I was trying to get to Dinosaur, Colorado but among Walden, Colorado, snow and ice on Colorado Route 14, and then a snowstorm starting about an hour from Steamboat Springs, I pulled up short in Steamboat. Fortunately I found a hotel that is not charging in-season rates yet.

Something festive about being in a ski resort for snow.

I was in Steamboat early in my wanderabout. Maybe November?? It is interesting to think back to those neophyte days. I recognize most everything about Steamboat.

Lest I forget again, I saw folks ice fishing in South Dakota and again today in Wyoming. South Dakota was the first time ever. Also in South Dakota, I saw kids playing hockey on a pond. Very cool.

It was another "quite a day." I'll write more about it in the morning.

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