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December 8, 2022 Morning Video Report

22 North Main Street

Helper, Utah

December 8, 2022

I haven't had time to write about what I did yesterday (December 7, 2022). I worried that I would forget what I experienced so I reluctantly recorded a video this morning of me talking about my yesterday. You can just listen if you want to and not look at my mug.

I need more RAM in my mind!

Post script: My hair was out of control. This morning I amazingly walked into a stylist shop on Main Street in Helper. I asked the owner if she could clean up "my mullet" and she said she could. She had spent four years in Tidewater, Virginia when he ex-husband was in the Navy. As we chatted, she gave me some recommendations for old coal mining town south of Helper that she encouraged me to visit.

Anyway .... she did a remarkable job. I told her she was the only other person beside Becca in Cville to touch my hair in four years. The charge? $15! I paid her way more than that!

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