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Did I Hallucinate??

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay

Munising, UP Michigan

May 31, 2022


The past 30 hours have been unreal. I have crossed a five mile bridge, been to Bliss, Dick and Paradise, Michigan, driven the most amazing route along Lake Superior and met two women riding a tandem bike from Maine to Washington.

That last one I might have hallucinated. Because the encounter was way of the charts surreal in a wonderful way.

I made a reservation at a hotel in Marquette — Michigan, not Wisconsin for tonight when I was in Newberry. I need a shower, to do laundry and I have a ton of photos and videos to post and more to write. Of course my drive after Newberry was through amazing country with yo s of campsites. Blah. Never lock in a hotel reservation!

this area by Lake Superior is stunning. Must be spectacular when the leaves change. And must be cold as hell in the winter!

More later.

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