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Do You See The Light?

Charlottesville, Virginia

February 4, 2020

It is probably obvious (painfully so?😳) to those of you who have read my posts that my walkabout is a poorly disguised journey to discover (uncover?) something(s) that I missed learning earlier in my life. (Note, how I avoided using the words shoulda, coulda, woulda!) Perhaps the "looking for answers to questions that bother me so" might have been a hint?😎

When I read the following words from David Brooks' book The Second Mountain, I had one of those elusive "ah ha" moments when I felt I was beginning to understand and just maybe begin put together some pieces of my jigsaw puzzle.

I tried to insert a GIF here of a guy being hit with a 2x4. I couldn't figure out how to do that - put your imagination to work!

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