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Doctor, My "Ears" .... Tell Me What Is Wrong

Globe, Arizona

February 28, 2020

What a classic 1980s power couple - Daryl Hannah and Jackson Browne.

But I digress.

“Doctor My Eyes.” It’s hard to believe that tune is from 1972. It is such a classic - I’d even call it an anthem. I never get tired of it. The song was Browne's first single to chart in the United States.

But another Jackson had a huge hit with it in England in 1972 - the J5. I usually like the Brit’s taste in music, but yikes - no one should sing this song but Jackson Browne. You'll notice that Jermaine comes in too early on the second stanza and has to repeat the first line. (Yes, I have too much time on my hands.). And what's up with the percussion?

See what your ears think:

To get that sound out of your head, here’s Jackson Browne’s version - before he starting dating Miss Hannah. 🤪

And what a fun movie Splash! was. (Non sequitor)

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