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"Down At The Twist And Shout"

Fountainebleau State Park

On the shore of Lake Pontchartrain

November 23, 2019

I‘m showing my age with reference to this Mary Chaplin Carpenter song. It’s a good reference today because somebody named Dave had a retirement party today at the Fountainebleau State Park. And it was a lively party, complete with a Zydeco band. Dave told everyone to have a good time because he sure was (he was on a PA system).

It was a special day here north of New Orleans. While it started out rainy - as in downpour - it cleared up, and it has the feel of a spring day in May in Virginia with that blue blue sky we rarely get. And enough breeze to keep the mosquitos at bay. I’ve had so many mosquitos buzz my ears last night that I hear the buzz even if there are no mosquitos. This state park is hopping - with campers, folks celebrating Thanksgiving early (one fellow has four smokers going), hikers, kids in the lake, folks riding bicycles.

I had my first Po-boy today - a fried shrimp one. “Dressed” as I was told with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Po-boys are a New Orleans tradition. I understand the bread should be like an Eskimo Pie (without the cold) - crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside. My bread was crunchy throughout; but no worries, the shrimp were good. Oh, but fried food. :(

Here are some photos of live oaks with their attendant Spanish moss in the park. I learned that the “live oak” is distinguished from other oaks in that they are evergreen. They certainly are beautiful. And the Spanish moss does not harm the tree; it gets its nutrients from the air. How about that?

I am still marveling at the 24-mile-long causeway (bridge) that crosses Lake Pontchartrain from this side of the lake (the causeway starts about three miles from here). Longest continuous bridge over water in the world. While reading about the causeway, I learned that there are six other bridges in Louisiana that are over five miles long. I agree - why? I'll take the long way, thanks.

Going to be in the low 40s tonight (turned out to get to 37 degrees). I’ve been spoiled the past week with moderate temperatures at night (although last night’s low was in the mid 60s and that’s kind of warm).


I’m camped out now at the shore of the Lake Pontchartrain waiting for another sunset. A few clouds on the horizon - hopefully enough to give the sunset some extra color and not so much to block it out.


Update: Wow! What a treat tonight with the sunset. The sky put on a show for 30 minutes AFTER sunset. Funny how many folks watch the sun set and then leave, I guess assuming the best is over; I’ve learned the setting is only the first course. I hope you enjoy the following slideshow, featuring music Dr. John and Bobby Darin.


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