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Emotional Agility During Covid-19

April 22, 2020

Fellow Shelter In Placers-

Sharing this message from Susan David.

How do we cope with tough emotions amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic? I’ve been thinking a lot about questions like this one, and also, about how to create connections and community (some of my core values) as we all try to adapt.

In our current world, filled with changing statistics and uncertain outcomes, it's vital to take some time to ground ourselves psychologically. Which emotional needs are being met? Which require nurturing? Acceptance and compassion are key to our well-being. And now, perhaps more than ever, routines and habits are essential tools – particularly those that are tied to our values. I invite you to use the graphic above to help you to identify any emotional needs that are being neglected.

Even though so much feels out of our control right now, there are still choices available to us. We can choose how we respond, how we react, and how we connect. That is why I’m excited to announce the launch of my new podcast, Checking In with Susan David. This podcast was created in collaboration with TED as a support system during this time of uncertainty.

In Episode 1, I discuss how we not only catch viruses from others – but also others’ emotions and even their behaviors! This phenomenon of social contagion can leave us feeling consumed by fear, panic, or worry, or acting in ways that aren’t in line with our best selves. Learn the steps that you can take today to boost your immunity to these contagions. In Episode 2, I discuss how to regain your foothold, and include a wonderful conversation with James Clear whose work focuses on creating and sustaining habits.

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