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Ferndale — Barry White

Ferndale, California

June 7, 2021

Wondering about the link among Ferndale, Barry White and me? I just can’t get enough. 🤪🤔😎

Lunch at the No Brand Burger Bar. In the land of cattle, they had no turkey. The burger was pretty exceptional. Had water To drink.

No Trump stickers consistent with the apparent apolitical nature of the region. Big news is the drought and all the water weed needs to grow. (I‘m thinking “is” is correct there but there are two big news items - English!)

No photo of the ice cream stand where I got chocolate ice cream for dinner. Low vibe day - it cheered me up (or cheered up me).

Many of the trash cans around town are painted “cow black and white.” But the town is proud of their high school mascot. The barber shop is called “Wildcuts.”

I‘m not going in this building. I’m finished being judged — and Lord knows, I don’t have the right to judge anyone else.

You are right — no sunrise or sunset photos in a while. Sunrise is about 5:30 am — if I get up then I’m toast the rest of the day. Sunset is between 830 pm and 9 pm. The air here is too clear - the sun drops and it’s over. I did miss one the other night but it was such a narrow layer of color that any photo I took would not have done it justice.

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1 комментарий

09 июн. 2021 г.

So, what is the connection with Barry "Oh Baybee" White?

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