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Fairfield Inn

Bend, Oregon

June 30, 2021

I started to feel as though I was putting myself in jeopardy health-wise sleeping in the Sequoia in this heat. It brought back distant memories of growing up in Aiken with nothing but a very loud attic fan On hot summer nights.

Marriott stock is going up based on what they are getting for this room. I’m happy to pay it but it indicates there are not enough hotel rooms in this market. Lucian, get on that!

First time staying in a hotel in 24 nights.

First shower in nine days.

Furst time feeling really relaxed for four days.

I am looking forward to charging all my batteries to full capacity:

4 camera batteries

1 Mac battery

1 battery pack

2 Jackery power stations

2 iphones

1 ipad

1 Apple watch

Batteries -- don’t leave home without them!

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