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Flo Rida

After a couple of days of rain and chilly temperatures, today (November 15) is sunny and warm (60 degrees). I am camping at a national seashore near Pensacola Beach, Florida. They say the sand here is the whitest in the world; can’t confirm that, but I can say it is really white. I can also say that the seafood is not as good here as in South Carolina. ☹️ I’m a glutton for crab and shrimp and tourist restaurants sure can mess them up.

Here a few more photos to help you get warm. Sunsets are tough to photograph. The iPhone wants to brighten up everything and turn red to yellow. i Took most of these with my DSLR with an 17-55 mm 2.8 lens or an 18-300 3.5-5.6 lens. ISO between 100 (when it was lighter) and 200 (when it was darker). On a tripod on shutter priority (because I still haven’t figured out aperture priority!). I’m especially proud of how I encouraged the loon to walk into my photo (dumb luck). Perhaps with Photoshop I could improve the lighting?

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