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Foggy Day

Point Mugu State Park, California

February 24, 2021

It was a sunny morning until around 11 am when a fog appeared from nowhere. Four hours later it’s still pea soup.

Started the day with a 30 mile round trip to Oxnard which is north of here on the PCH. I needed some supplies by which I mean a Chick-fil-A #3 breakfast sandwich. I managed a biogas plant in Oxnard but had never been there. (The plant drew methane from a landfill and ran a diesel generator using the gas.). It’s a town of 200,000 with a Chick-Fil-A, a couple of In-n-Out’s, a Whole Foods and a Container Store. There’s also a high-rise building with the Morgan Stanley name on top. The area around Oxnard is agricultural fields and several large sod farms.

I punted on the beach around 2 pm and headed 3 miles south back into Malibu. I grabbed a salmon salad at Neptune’s Net. Not much salad but a great grilled piece of salmon.

It’s a popular spot with a big menu - both physically and by content.

Pleased to report that Neptune’s Net t-shirt and sticker did not pass my test so I “saved” some coin.

Time to climb on the picnic table and do my stretches. John Melloncamp. Get it?

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