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Folks, We Got Ourselves A Rain Delay

Crescent City, California

Walmart Parking Lot

June 11, 2021. Just About Noon

Crescent City is a junction of US 101 and US 199. Perhaps that explains what I am observing on this very rainy day.

There are fifth wheels and motor homes parked all around town — in the Walmart parking lot, in the Safeway lot, the Tractor Supply lot and at the Fairgrounds. I’m not talking about 500 but probably 75 to 100. I’m guessing they are doing what I’m doing - waiting for it to clear up. No point in visiting Redwood National Park unless you are a duck (that’s a slight pun given I’m 20 miles from Oregon). The beach is out. For me, I’d rather drive to Klamath and back tomorrow when there’s only a 50 percent chance of rain. There’s really nothing to do Crescent City. So here we sit.

I am going to crawl in back, take a nap and then work on a project.

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