Fool Hope Lake State Park, Arizona to Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona

Lost Dutchman State Park. Arizona

March 19, 2020

Before I left Show Low yesterday morning, I took some photos in town.

Before I got started on my drive toward Phoenix, I took a slight detour north from Show Low to Snowflake, Arizona (whose notable people include Jeff Flake). I was afraid with a name like Snowflake the town’s high school’s mascot might be the “cream puff” but happy to report they are the Lobos.

Snowflake is next door to Taylor where I too these photos:

Don’t you think with a last name of Livingston, you shouldn’t be a mortician?

Then I was off to another spectacular day on US 60. The scenery changed from high desert to fir and pine trees and jagged rock formations.

I had to watch out for loose horses (I didn’t see any).

Landscape shots.

It is very odd being out here with all the chaos in the world right now. In a way I am glad to be away from televisions and all the talking heads. I keep reminding myself that I just need to focus on what I can control. Hopefully I can still be a bright spot in people’s days.

I came across a dramatic area called “Becker Butte Lookout.” Wow. I may need to go back when the sun is out. I believe the river is the Salt River. (Hard to get nice shots on cloudy days - I continue to experiment. 🤔)

Lots of step grades - and runaway truck areas. The walls here reminded me of the pink of Bermuda.

After a brief stop in Globe, Arizona it was back into the mountains at Top of the World, Arizona. When they build US 60 through here, they had a lot of rock to go through. I wondered how the engineers decided on this route - they must have lived TNT. 😁🤙. Apparently some residents of Top of the World are not big fans of the highway. 🤪

The next part of the drive was spectacular with jagged mountains, clouds and rain and every now and then the sun peaking out.

And then I arrived at my home until Friday.

Take care!

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