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Full Moon Rising

Sedona, Arizona

January 29, 2021

A cloudy day turned into a partly cloudy day late in the afternoon giving me hope that I might be able to catch the full moon rising over the red rocks of Sedona. I got myself in position at an elevated location with few trees by 5:45 pm for a 5:55 pm moonrise. The "mountains" of Sedona delayed my seeing the moon until about 6:20 pm. By that time the sun had set and it was fairly darker so my hope of getting photos of the moon with the red rocks was dashed. I did my best with what Nature gave me. I'll give myself the rating of "experienced amateur" for my skill at capturing the moon. You can see in a few photos here the moon is just a white blob - I'm thinking that is the result of my camera taking in more information than just the moon. Or perhaps I was on too slow a shutter speed. So many variables! It was a good learning experience -- one of these days I will know what I am doing.

While I was waiting for the moonrise, I met a man walking his dog. He told me how he had survived cancer through a vision with Christ. That Christ had touched him on the shoulder and his bone marrow cancer had gone into remission afterward. He said that he and his wife come to Sedona every three months from Phoenix to experience the Energy that is present in this area.

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