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Gearhart Golf Links

Gearhart, Oregon

July 20, 2021

Fun atmosphere at this club. It is hosting the 2021 United States Hickory Stick Open in September. The course appeared to be in great condition and certainly was busy. I deciddd to play the nine-hole Highlands course instead. I bought some souvenirs anyway. 🤪

Gearhart Golf Links, located in Gearhart, Oregon is an 18-hole links-style golf course, initially built in the late 1800s. It is the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi River.


Legend has it that Gearhart Golf Links began life in about 1888, starting out as three holes of true links-style golf amongst the seaside meadows that characterize the North Oregon coast. Golf, somewhat new to the U.S., came to Gearhart by way of visitors to the bustling resort who had experienced the game in Europe and found Gearhart’s meadows the perfect setting. By 1892, golf was a regular pastime for guests of the Hotel Gearhart on the three-hole course just across the street. With this history, Gearhart Golf Links is The Oldest Golf Course West of the Mississippi River and shares the early spotlight with such courses as Victoria Golf Club (1893), Tacoma Country and Golf Club (1894) and Del Monte Golf Club (1897). From its original three holes, Gearhart Golf Links has stayed true to its Scottish roots and offers a pleasurable round (now 18 holes) for all golfers. To this day, the course retains that classic links-style flavor, with a hint of traditional Northwest design features. A rich history, but with an eye to a glorious future. Golf itself boasts a long and mythical residency in Gearhart, appearing almost from the moment nails were being pounded into boards to build Gearharts first homes. Much of our colorful past is on display throughout the property in the form of historic photos and original paintings created by artists Olivia Behm, Kolieha Bush, Joe Cotter, Lyle Hehn, Jennifer Joyce, Isaka Sham Su Din, and Myrna Yoder. Artists have created colorful murals depicting the history of the Gearhart region, the golf course, and The Kelly House. Our stalwart historians are on the case, researching and gathering stories about the property and notable characters in the area. Have something to share? Gearhart welcomes historical information, photographs, and archives.!

Gearhart Golf Links started with nine holes, the front nine being built in 1892 by the Founders Corporation,[1] while the remaining nine weren't added until 1913. Gearhart Golf Links has been in continual operation since 1892, making it the oldest course west of the Mississippi River.[2] A renovation of the course between 2013 and 2015 aimed to return it to its original open links-style, by removing a high number of trees. [3]

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