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Giant Leg Lamp from ‘A Christmas Story’ Now "Stands" In Oklahoma

The "controversial" (what?) leg lamp in "A Christmas Story." A 40-foot version of the lamp was recently erected in Chickasha, Okla.

This looks anything but “fra-gi-lay.” And we’re also not really sure if it’s Italian.

What we do know is that a 40-foot tall version of the infamous leg lamp from “A Christmas Story” is now on display in Chickasha, Okla.

Erected as part of the city’s Festival of Lights, WKNY 40 News reports that the gigantic leg lamp was the bright idea of Tim Elliot, Treasurer of the Chickasha Economic Development Council, in the hopes that more people would visit the city upon checking out the leg lamp. “I continued to think about what we could do to get people to come to Chickasha,” Elliot explained to WKNY 40. “And make us a destination spot.” It seems now that Chickasha certainly has a leg up. For those unfamiliar (how?), “A Christmas Story” is a 1983 film that follows young Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) on his quest to receive a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle for Christmas. Multiple Christmas-themed events occur whilst Ralphie embarks on this quest (who cares if he’ll shoot his eye out?). One of them is when Ralphie’s father (Darren McGavin) wins a “major award” in a contest. This award turns out to be the leg lamp, which Mr. Parker promptly proudly puts on display and which promptly puts Mrs. Parker into a nervous breakdown. If you haven’t (somehow) seen “A Christmas Story,” we won’t spoil the fate of the lamp for you. Just be warned—its ending doesn’t quite stand to Mr. Parker’s expectations. Pardon all the leg jokes. We’ll put our foot down on them from now on. The 40-foot leg lamp in Chickasha has been confirmed to be inflatable. The city’s Economic Development Council has stated its intent to build a larger structure that will stand year-round.


Location of leg lamp:

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