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Good Catch Lucian!

Dubuque, Iowa

August 19, 2021

The other day I posted the lyrics to "He Went To Paris" and focused on one section where he had stopped pursuing the answers and the questions. My son caught an error in the lyrics I posted. Here is what I posted:

And all of the answers

To all of the questions

Locked in his attic one day

He liked the quiet

Clean country living

And twenty more years slipped away

Even though those lyrics appear in multiple places on the Internet, they are wrong!

It is not "to all of the questions;" if it were he would have answered all of his questions. The correct lyrics are "and all of the questions" indicating that he has locked away both answers he has found and questions he still has.

Funny, that is how I interpreted the lyrics because that is how I knew them from listening to the song -- just a few times.

I'm proud of Lucian for hearing the lyrics so precisely and making sure I got this right! BTW, I corrected the post to have the correct lyrics -- at least I think I did!

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