Hard Bodies

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

January 6, 2020

A bit hard to adjust to the vibe of a National Park having been at Big Bend Ranch State Park for a few days. . Big Bend National Park averages 350,000 visitors per year; the state park averages 6,000.

Not sure on the visitor count for Guadalupe (it is 250,000 er year)  but from what I can tell, people come here to hard-core hike. And there are a lot of them.  Walking sticks, hiking packs - they have the look. Met a couple this morning who is doing the eight-hour strenuous hike to the summit - the tallest peak in Texas.  They are on a quest to do the tallest peak in many states - Colorado this summer. I told them the highest golf course in the country is in Colorado - we laughed. 🤪

I’m disappointed that I think that might be too much for me to do an eight-hour strenuous hike.  Only one way to find out.

Another day of what I call the Colorado Sky. So blue it looks unreal.

On my bike into Devil’s Hall today I saw probably 40 people, only two of us with cameras.  🤪. Do those folks remember the walk more than I do because they aren’t constantly stopping to take photos?  I contend I see more than others because my head is on a swivel as I look for good opportunities to pull out the camera.  A useless question - I do what I do because I enjoy it. 😋😋

I hope you enjoy the slideshow.  Given that my five-mile hike was on rocky terrain, the soundtrack is songs that have “rock” in them  (I passed on AC/DC).

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